Water Treatment Equipment

As defined by our Mission Statement, Clean water is our business. Let us solve all your water treatment problems. We have a wide range of water treatment equipment to cater for your needs and these are:

  • Filtration, using sand, multimedia, cartridge and screens.
  • Membrane Filtration systems for use in Micro, Nano and        Ultrafiltration applications.
  • Brackish Water and Seawater Desalination systems
  • Ion-exchange systems, incorporating water softening and        deionisation
  • Potabalisation systems for community drinking water usage
  • Chemical dosing Systems
  • Disinfection systems, making use of Chlorine, Ultraviolet light or       Ozone.
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems.
  • Potabalisation systems for community drinking water usage.
  • Wastewater Treatment Systems.
  • Dissolved air flotation , clarifiers and Lamella plate separators

Deep Bed Multimedia Filters

The Connect Water range of Deep Bed Multimedia Vertical Pressure Filters make use of the complex modern filtration laws and principles, to offer a complete range of filters for domestic, industrial and swimming flow rates vary from 1m /hr up to 220m /hr on a 25m diameter filter.

A number of filters can be manifolded together for higherflows CW multimedia sand filters are designed to give higher flowrates , better filtered water quality and longer filter runs, between backwashes.

DAF & LAMELA Plate Separators

Suspended solids, grease and oil are very efficiently removed by dissolved air flotation (DAF), whilst sediments like sand and grit etc are removed by a lamella separator. Standard systems are available in a range of 5-300m3 /hr

Domestic Water Treatment

CW offers a range of counter and under counter cartridge systems, reverse osmosis, activated carbon filters and whole house systems, all suited tom the domestic market.

Additionally, the a range of Doulton and British Berkefeld ceramic filters, will produce sterile, sparkling water for your portable water requirements.

Water Softeners

Softening means removing the hardness due to the salts of calcium and magnesium and replacing them with the salts of sodium which do not precipitate and do not form a scale.

CW supplies a complete range of softeners for industrial and commercial applications

Mission Statement

Clean water is our business. Let us solve all your water treatment problems.